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CNC Spares & Accessories

We sell reliable and high-quality CNC Machine Spare Parts made of reliable raw materials for CNC Machines. We sell only mechanic parts and accessories (Toolholder forks, Filter & Magnet for Vacuum Blocks, Floating Cells).

CNC machine spare parts is an umbrella term that contains a huge variety of products, what we sell are mechanic CNC Parts that are used in the CNC Machining centers.

CNC Woodworking Vacuum Blocks

We produce and sell vacuum blocks for woodworking CNC pod and rail systems for over 10+ years. A big percentage of our main know-how and expertise lies in these products and how they operate. They are always a favorite in the market.

Our vacuum pods are used in daily running CNC machining centers with pod & rail usually for 1+ year, pushing to 2 years in some machines – it depends on the conditions. They are usually re-bought by our clients after their old pieces are worn out as they give such a good value for their price, especially compared to the original counterparts.

CNC Vacuum Pods and Pads

We produce and sell vacuum pads that are used in all the mainstream European markets.  These vacuum pads are inserted on top of the vacuum blocks and then inserted on the rails of pod & rail CNC machining centers.

Use Vacuum blocks and pads for quick, efficient, faultless production in woodworking.

We provide these blocks and all other equipment of the block (rubber gasket, filter & magnet, vacuum pads) for much cheaper prices compared to the original without giving up on the characteristic quality of the original parts. High-quality raw materials are used in the production and they have a long lifespan, similar to that of the original parts.

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