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What are edge banding machines used for?

Edge Banding Machines are used to swiftly band the edges of different materials, most commonly on plyboards, MDF (medium-density fiberboard), and chipboards.

What are some of the edge banding machine parts?

There is a big variety of parts in the edge banding machines, our expertise lies in the mechanical parts. The most popular of these parts are:

  • Pressure Rollers
  • Gummed Wheel
  • Glue Level Sensor
  • Chain pads
  • Conveyor wheels

What we do

Lots of mechanical parts bring a lot of abrasion with it, this is where we come in as Belfa Makine to provide our customers cheap & reliable solutions for their business’ manufacture.

Our mission is to help businesses keep their production ongoing non-stop with our affordable & reliable products.

Payment & Shipment

Payment can be done with a credit or debit card. The shipments are sent the same day with UPS to your address and a tracking number is provided after the order is filled.

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