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Glue Level Sensor

Glue Level Sensor

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The glue level sensor is used to measure the glue level in the machine’s hopper and ensures that it works precisely and efficiently. Without a properly working glue level sensor, the edgebander will not be able to accurately apply glue to the edges of your materials.

At Belfa Makine, we offer five different variants of this important spare part, each designed to work with specific edgebander brands. Our sensors are made from high quality materials and designed for years of reliable use. They are also easy to install and maintain, making them ideal for any workshop or factory environment.

Our sensors have a wide temperature range from -10°C to 250°C and can be used with various glues and adhesives.
The glue level sensor is essential in every edge bander installation as it ensures that the right amount of adhesive is always applied. With our sensors, you can be sure that your edgebanding operations will run smoothly and efficiently without any problems caused by incorrect glue application levels.

If you are looking for an effective way to ensure correct glue application levels in your edge banding operations, look no further than Belfa Makine’s glue level sensors!

It is the level sensor used in the glue pot or boiler of edge banding machines.

Compatible Machines

  • Homag
  • Holz-her
  • Biesse Sprint
  • SCM
  • Brandt

To order a model suitable for other machines, contact us now and place your order.


Edgetech, Holzher, Holzher Sprint, Homag, Homag Brandt


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